Aroma Oil w/Dropper Tube 3asst 15ml - Box of 12

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Glass bottles of 3 assorted aroma oils with droppers.


  • Rose
  • Jasmine
  • Lavender

  • Each bottle is filled with 15ml of scented oil.

  • Each bottle is inside a tube.
  • The tube has a 4cm dia. x 8.5cm tall.
  • There are 12 bottles per display.

These aroma oils can be directly applied to the skin. Their scent can also be dispersed into the air via diffuser, steamers, etc.

When used, aroma oils can reduce stress, agitation, and anxiety. This is great for easing the mind rest after work or school.

When diffused, the aromatic scent will create a pleasant scent that drowns out odours around the house or office, creating a relaxing environment.

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