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Common in many cuisines, chilli peppers are used to add heat and flavour. Whether you grate it over risottos, pastas or tacos, chilli gives every dish a fiery aroma. But not all of them are as hot as many people think. The peppers in CHILLI belong to the paprika family [Capsicum] and the exclusive yellow AMAZON CHILLI adds a milder fruity note to your dish.

Our yellow amazon chilli grows in Columbia. It belongs to the sharper, but not extreme group of chillies with 50.000-70.000 Scoville heat units. Amazon chillies are harvested just before full ripeness, that’s why they are yellow. Refine your soups, meat dishes and dips with this grated delight.

Time to challenge the kids? Turn their favourite bolognese into a hot grown-up masterpiece. If you do, a tip: use the yellow one.

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